Supreme manufactures and sells exclusive streetwear; with a limited stock of each product, their value is perceived as higher. To avoid the lines and travel that have become an infamous component of acquiring such hype brand products, you can shop for verified Supreme attire online from websites such as Spreeglee- making it easy and simple to get your hands on new, rare items.

The Supreme brand has come to symbolise something deeply desirable and unique, yet familiar. Much of its growth can be attributed to the high-profile collaborations, which have pushed the boundaries of how skateboarding culture is viewed by consumers. In some sense, Supreme successfully markets their brand by not marketing it; the community is strong enough to act as a marketing force on its own. Mystique nurtures the hype and took this underground brand to global heights.

If something hosts the instantly recognisable red and white Supreme logo, it becomes a must-have product to any loyal fan. Anything from a hammer to a red clay brick can and has been an item of interest. The clothing remains at the core, nonetheless, and allows people to be in a position where they stand-out while still being part of an avid community.

Supreme may face a longevity problem, however, seeing as if it continues to grow to the point of becoming a mass brand- it will contradict its own business model. If this occurs, the ‘street cred’ and ‘sense of cool’ at its base is compromised and the audience will change. This leaves many to wonder, what is Supreme willing to sacrifice, and would it even be worth it?

For the time being though, Supreme attracts costumers around the world and has a talent for producing desirable apparel. Diehard fans need not yet worry about Supreme losing a sense of who they are.